Your Challenge, Our Goal

We Create Graphic Design, Functional Websites, Mobile Applications, Prototypes

About us

We are a technology-based company that started at the end of 2016. Smartjoins is dedicated to offering solutions based on the development of web applications and movies to the measures of the needs of our clients, under the 7 Strategy methodology, which seeks to guarantee the sanctification of our clients taking into account as a premise "Your challenge ... our goal" ,and that currently is supported by the Chamber of Commerce within the OpenFuture program of Telefonica

Our Methodology

We are a company dedicated to the implementation of integrated solutions in image and Web design, created as an entrepreneurial alternative for the development of projects tailored to the organizations, supported by the strength and quality of its human and technological team and innovation, service and flexibility, as its main strengths.

StmarJoins aims to be the first option for organizations that seek the integration of their processes to new technological tools and platforms, as an alternative for growth and sustainability.


All our solutions are accompanied by a 7 Strategy process and knowledge tools for our clients that allow us to understand their business model and deliver the most optimal solution according to their value proposal, needs and requirements facing their market.

Web design

Web design is an activity that consists of the planning, design and implementation of websites adjusted to an existing need.

Software development

Also called software development life cycle is a structure applied to the development of a software product.

Graphic design

Activity that consists in projecting visual communications destined to transmit specific messages to social groups.

Digital marketing

Online marketing is a study of the techniques of using the Internet to promote and sell products and services.


We respond to your needs and seek to improve people's knowledge, skills and behaviors.


We are dedicated to advising companies in matters such as Digital Marketing, technological issues and entrepreneurship at any scale.


Our solutions and own brands are developed to offer solutions and benefits in emerging markets that lack specific solutions or that do not cover the needs of the market.

It is a platform that allows you to do business in a different way, by means of wheels or in a matter of minutes designed to cover national and international markets.


Omer Morante

Technological leader foundation land grata
We want to thank the team of Smartjoins for allowing us to improve our website with a more professional design, which will allow us to increase our visibility
We recommend 100% to SmartJoins so that you can also make your prototypes and can start with your projects ...

Laura de la Losa

Manager of

Our team

We consider ourselves a family and we put all our love and commitment to carry out your projects

Damian Barrios

CEO Founder

Freddy Reyes

CIO Cofundador

Luis Caraballo

CFO Office

Astrid Usme

Community manager

Freddy Reyes

Senior mobile developer

Freyblen Gohiter

Junior mobile developer

Cristian Berrio

Graphic design

Jesus Mendoza

Junior web developer

Jesus Lopez

Junior web developer

Sergio Castro

Junior web developer

Teo Licona

Accounting assistant

Our Clientes

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